Ocean Sensors, Inc.

We specialize in the design and manufacture of highly innovative oceanographic and water quality instrumentation. For over 18 years we have served customers from academic institutions, governmental agencies and environmental firms from over 30 countries around the globe. Primary parameters include: conductivity, temperature, pressure (CTD), wave height, sound speed, ocean tide, turbidity, DO/pH and acoustic measurements.

Our revolutionary Autonomous Profiling Vehicle (APV™) acquires subsurface profiles of environmental data. The optional radio transmission of data at the surface provides GPS position completely free of ship operations. Our small, low-power, low-cost instruments and data acquisition systems provide long-term data acquisition for profiling, towing, and moored applications.

Our autonomous Data Loggers provide exceptional (16+ bit) quality data storage with minimal power usage. Ideal for long-term acoustic and environmental uses.

Our contact information.

Telephone: (619) 688 3968
FAX: (619) 688 3969
Address: 5340 Riley Street., San Diego CA 92110

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