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The Autonomous Profiling Vehicle (APV), whether bottom mounted winch, moored or free-drifting, provides long-term vertical profiles autonomously, thereby simplifying logistics and reducing costs. Software for instrument programming and data plotting are included.

"One of the 100 Most Technologically Significant New Products of the Year"R & D Magazine

APV mooring configurations; APV field data;
Diagrams of slider and winch configurations
Data Loggers

Low power, 16+-bit A/D resolution, and 12 channels
(1 channel 1000 Hz). For use with your sensors.

OS500 DL for 8 million samples

OS510 DL for 1 million samples, compact board

OS500 HD - data logger with large sampling capacity (70+ gigabyte hard drive). Applications include marine mammal acoustics, seismic noise, ice movement, surface gravity wave measurements, and radioactive event monitoring.

CTDs -
& depth

OS200 CTD - Internal data logging and real-time hardwired data transmission. Includes programming software. Hand-deployable. No pump required.


OS500 TSG - a compact, low power thermosalinograph that merges environmental (temperature and salinity) and navigational data.

Bottom Mounted Winch

OS500 APV Bottom Winch

OEM Products

OS200 OEM - for incorporation into larger instrumentation systems, such as low power autonomous vehicles. Includes sensors, electronics and endcap. (Pressure housing not included.)

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OS500 APV (Winch Version)

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